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Balancing Family Dentistry with Cosmetics and Functionality

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The Advantage of All-Inclusive Care

We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive preventive, cosmetic, and restorative care for the whole family. But more so, we are passionate about helping patients of any age achieve a level of oral health that brings them joy and confidence—in their smile and everyday life. This is why we choose to remain in the forefront of the most advanced technologies and techniques for the wide variety of dental services we offer. You may only need a family dentist in Lafayette, IN, or you may need a complete rehabilitation of your smile. In every case, we bring a stellar background of education and training into your personalized treatments and offer only the best in comprehensive dentistry. The advantages of this experience and approach to your care are far-reaching and have been able to help thousands of patients achieve the smile of their dreams! If you are pursuing a new dentist today, who provides a variety of comprehensive dental services, why not let it be us?
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The Allure Dental Advantage

  • Comprehensive, innovative dental care for all ages
  • Treatment backed by sound diagnostics and technology
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  • Extensively educated, trained, and certified dentists
  • Four decades of combined dental experience

A lifetime of Confident, Healthy Smiles

It is best to establish good oral health habits at a young age, so that dental hygiene and routine visits to the dentist become a routine part of life. But great dental health can be achieved at any age and with every patient. No matter your age, your past dental experiences, or your current oral condition, we welcome you to experience care from Allure Dental! We are here to help our patients achieve the kind of smiles you can only get from having good oral function and great facial aesthetics. With a smile like that, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy a healthy, active, and confident lifestyle—no matter your age!

Our Additional Dental Services

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  • We provide dental services for patients of all ages and we welcome your family into ours! From routine dental appointments to Invisalign and dental implants, we have the comprehensive services to keep the smiles of each member of the family happy and healthy for years to come.
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  • Correctly aligned teeth can resolve a host of oral conditions, such as TMJ disorder and migraines, that can debilitate everyday activities. Using a T-Scan® bite analysis device, we are able to target the areas that need adjusting in order for the teeth to come together comfortably.
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& Onlays

  • Teeth that have large cavities or damage not requiring a full dental crown can be preserved and strengthened with inlays or onlays. Inlays fill in areas of the damaged tooth, while onlays replace larger portions of damaged tooth cusps. Both are securely cemented to the tooth.

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We have the family, cosmetic, and restorative dental services you need.
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