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Implant Supported Dentures Vs. Traditional Dentures

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Long-Term Function, Security, and Confidence

Function, security, confidence. These are all words we use to describe implant supported dentures. The hybrid of dental implants and traditional dentures, implant supported dentures are superior to dentures in many ways, but the greatest is their long-term health, functional, and aesthetic benefits. Implant supported dentures are not simply a more stable alternative to dentures; they provide a complete transformation in the confidence you feel in your smile and in everyday life. How is this achieved?

Dental implants act as anchors for dentures, keeping them from slipping or shifting while you eat, speak, laugh, or smile. This stability produces a significant improvement in your day-to-day life and the long-term function and health of your smile. Implant supported dentures are arguably the single best decision you can make in terms of your oral health, the function and beauty of your smile, and overall confidence in yourself. This is why it is important to express your concerns and ask questions, especially in regard to cost, time, pain, and overall benefits of implant supported dentures.

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  • Implant Supported Dentures Will Change Your Life, Happiness and Confidence
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Why Implant Supported Dentures?

Many cheap alternatives exist for products and services, so why choose a more expensive option like implant supported dentures in Lafayette, IN? If you value and desire fully functioning teeth, a vibrant smile, and a renewed sense of confidence, implant supported dentures will be worth the initial cost. Similarly, though traditional dentures are a “quick fix” for missing teeth, the purpose of implant supported dentures is to provide a lifetime of health and function for your smile. The initial treatment process will be longer, but the long-term advantages of implant supported dentures will far outweigh that of traditional dentures. Implant supported dentures also eliminate the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience characteristic of wearing dentures for long periods of time. As with any option, the long-term success and benefits of implant supported dentures begin with dentists specialized and experienced in the surgical and restorative parts of treatment.

Expertise in all Aspects of Your Care

Function and aesthetics must work in harmony in order for implant supported dentures in Lafayette, IN, to last for the long-term. Creating this balance requires meticulous planning and careful implementation. It is wise to choose only dentists capable of maintaining this great level of detail and accuracy throughout your entire treatment process. At Allure Dental, we hold ourselves to this high standard of care. And, with expertise in both the placement and restoration of implant supported dentures, we assure these high standards from the moment you walk through our door till the day you receive your brand new smile. By incorporating this mission, advanced planning, and surgical technology into your treatment, we are able to vastly improve the accuracy of treatment planning, precision during surgery, and the predictability of long-term success.


Implant Supported

Secured in place and stabilized with dental implants

Ability to bite and chew all the foods you love

Restored confidence in day-to-day life

Improved oral function and comfort

Life-long solution, with the proper care

Are you ready for long-term confidence in your smile?

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